Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Days 270-300 (wash, rinse, repEAT)

Um, a quick shout out to Shelley for clueing me into the fact that it's been a month since my last post. OOPS. I'm sure you can guess as to what has been driving my avoidance of this particularly personal/public forum. ;)

Despite last month's rekindling of the go gett'em attitude, I quickly succumbed to the stressors of house hunting, moonlighting, busy season at work, tight budget, no budget, fast fixes, personal shortfalls and the list goes on and on.

At last check (yesterday), I had gained back a whopping 17 pounds!!!!!!!!! And I can feel every grissly molecule of those 17 pounds refilling my third chin/third stomach/bubble gum cheeks.

I crave sweets now like nobody's business. I seek solace in the chocolate, ooey gooey goodness that only a candy bar can provide. The calorie-charged treats provide a welcome respite for my weary soul (though it lasts mere minutes).

Sad and quite pathetic, I've become the embodiement of Bridget Jones sans cigarettes.

I keep wondering at what point I will feel so completely disgusted that I will force myself back on track. I obviously have yet to hit that proverbial bottom, damn it. ;)

I'm hoping that as soon as one thing is taken off my "to do" list (hello, house hunting Gods), that I can find the energy to focus back on my mama mission.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me ... or you may just see me "float" by in the Macy's Day parade, tethered, of course, to 30-something handlers.

p.s. the pic at top was taken last weekend ... sigh.