Wednesday, February 25, 2009

day 1: starting over

I promised to announce my new and improved hot mama mission today, but as I still have laundry to do and bags to pack before I head out of town tomorrow, the "big reveal" will just have to wait.

But I do have something to confess. I went to the doc on Monday for a routine physical, which, since I haven't had a physical since I "played" tennis in high school, it was less routine and more what-the-hell-have-you-been-doing-to-yourself?!? It seems (though it comes as no surprise to me) that I've gained back all but two of the pounds I worked so hard to shed last year.

Nice, right??

In a mere six months, I have packed on a whopping 33 pounds! Mom must be so proud. ;)

So, I'm taking this huge backslide as motivation to start again, to reclaim my size 14s and then shrink right on past 'em.

Details on how I'm gonna' do it to come ... stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Whoo-hoo. I'm Fat and it's Tuesday ... bring on the gluttony! ;)

Tomorrow, on what I have dubbed Thin Wednesday, I will be revealing my new hot-mama mission plan of attack.

But, until then, I will revel in the deliciousness that is Mardi Gras!!!

p.s. I wanna' be this chick (photo courtesy of the hubs and his camera phone ... both of which were in New Orleans over the weekend) ... yes, she's embracing her birthday suit with a lil' body paint ... gotta love her, um, balls?