Sunday, April 26, 2009

day 57: catch-up

OOPS. I've been a bad little blogger lately. I've taken on a chunk of freelance work lately, so, if i'm not at work, working, I'm at home, working, which leaves precious little time for anything else. And while I'm EXHAUSTED on the weekends, the influx of projects has certainly kept my mind off food, which is huge, and one of my top secrets for success (the rest are outlined in my lasted Fat Chants article on, click here for details).

As I have about 20 loads of laundry to do (already up to 4200 steps logged just doing chores! who-hoo!! ... huge since there are just 2 weeks left in the walking challenge at work), so I'll keep the rest of this short and sweet.

The first weigh in at work (1st of 12 in the biggest loser-style challenge): showed a 7 pound weigh loss! SWEET! But, I still tied for best efforts in week 1 with the big-mouthed, bald coworker who is my sole reason for busting butt on this ... he's goin' down! ;) We both lost 3% body fat the first week.

The second weigh in (which was this past Wednesday), wasn't so hot. I was bad, bad, bad the weekend going into week two, so i gained a pound (still down 6 overall, though). But, boo, the big-mouthed, bald coworker sailed ahead, losing a combined 5%.

Gotta' pick up the pace and gain some ground in week 3. There's a side bet on this between the big-mouthed, bald coworker and two others .... there's 200 bucks on the line, winner takes all! Mama needs some money! ;)

Gotta' get back to laundry ... and steps! Goal is 11 miles walked today.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

day 40: bring it on

If you happended by my latest Fat Chants article over on, then you know that yesterday was a big'en.

April 8 kicked off the American Heart Association's National Start! Walkling Day, which means my company's 4-week walking challenge also got underway. Last year, my team Hot Soles, logged enough tread to be crowned the "golden shoe" victors and I have high hopes that this year's girl-powered team, 10 Feet of Fabulous (that's us up there in the pink) will continue the tradition. But, as one of my former team mates(2008 top individual walker winner) announced yesterday in our all-staff meeting, his team, the Dead Sexy Hiking Hooligans, is in it to win it.

The gauntlet has been thrown! Let the games --ahem -- walking begin!

Oh, but wait, there's more...(don't cha just love when people say that). Yesterday also started a 12-week "Biggest Loser" style weight loss challenge -- another title I fully intend to take home. Why? Because I feed on competition (instead of calories, well, now anyway)? Because I'm a perfection-seeking crazy lady who hates to be second best? Or, could it be for the simple joy of puttin' the kabosh on all the smack talk spewing from the little bald man in my department who won this challenge two years ago and who assumes it's in the bag this year? But. Of. Course. Oh, and I'd like to note, speaking of spew, the said bald man just so happens to be the same fellow who was the first to toss his cookies during boot camp last summer. ;) (Sorry G, you know i totally *heart* you, but you're going down.

And, on that note, I quote my friend, fellow boot-camp survivor and colleague, Hillary, "I'm not in it to win it, I'm in it to lose!"

Boys ... bring it on!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

day 38: playing catch-up

My apologies to all 5 people who read this blog for my lack of postings as of late ... i've been crazy busy with work work, freelance work, getting side-business off the ground work, pro bono writing work, wife work, mommy work and yes, though it may come as a shock to my parents, yard work.

Not so much work being done on my hot-mama mission, though. But, I swear there is a "good" reason. Details will be revealed in my lastest Fat Chants installment over at on Thursday.

p.s. Um, I'm new to this whole "follower" business and my glaringly obvious blank box at left is quite sad ... won't someone help me fill it up? Accounatbility is the name of the game when it comes to fat loss. ;)