Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TTTC: Lettuce Give Thanks

I did something today, something huge, something I have only done one other time in my entire life…

I ordered lettuce on my sandwich!

I have loathed lettuce with every fiber of my being (and virtually all other fruits and veggies save for the “badder” ones … corn, potatoes, apples, pickles, ketchup — yes, the last two totally count!).

I have snarled and gagged and hidden the earthy foods when no one’s looking for 31 years. But, thanks to an amazing experience, this is no longer the case. Woo-hoo!

To overcome my fears, phobias and down-right detestation for all things healthy, I took the road less traveled … I saw a hypnotherapist.

I chronicle my journey in the June issue of DallasChild magazine (I’ll post when the article is available), but I was so proud of today’s milestone, I just had to share this delicious, leafy green taste of progress. Yum!

Bonus? Three weeks into my company’s Biggest Loser competition (we have weigh-day Wednesdays) I’ve officially lost 4% of my mass.

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