Monday, May 17, 2010

TTTC: HCG Days 2-5

Day 2: The last day of my doctor-prescribed gorge fest went deliciously well and, really, how could it not when it involved the guilt-free consumption of a “few” of my favorite things: zebra cakes (bless you, Little Debbie!!) a Chili’s triple play (chicken crispers, cheese sticks, boneless buffalo wings) and the remaining slice(s) of brownie cheesecake. Smack. Slurp. Swallow. Sigh…

It was, save for my heinous sinus infection, a little bit of heaven.

And, then hell set in.

Day 3: Saturday, my first official 500-calorie day, started with my sickness ratcheted up by about a gazillion (I thought a steroid shot, antibiotics and mucinex woulda’ killed the nasty booger after a couple of days!). I was only in the full and upright position for about 3 hours (those were not consecutive). But, this was not the only source of my fun … the snot-induced misery was matched by the sudden and unrelenting explosion of pelvic pain.

Until Saturday, the pain-level during the three weeks prior had been tolerable. But holy Hannah … let’s just say there was tear-age … like full on crocodile tears. The progression is like it was last summer when endometriosis was suspected (and officially diagnosed via surgery in Oct), I just never expected it all to come rushing back with such force.

Like any good, hormonally challenged chica, I abided by my new eating methods until the pain was too great and I gave into a drive-through dinner at McDonald’s.

Day 4: Thankfully Sunday was better. I took my shot like a good little junkie, ate my 500 calories and went to sleep patting myself on the back (and sleeping on a heating pad) for a day well done.

Day 5: So far so good. I’ve been forcing myself to drink more water (I’ve never been good at this) and as soon as all remnants of snot leakage have left, I will start the difficult process of weaning myself off the diets (diet dr. pepper, diet pepsi, diet coke … my 3 BFFs). These aren’t on the HCG plan (that just hurts my heart) and so we must break up … but slowly. I can’t go cold turkey, it’s just too cruel.

Also waiting to hear back from the doc's office, re: surgery ... no crocodile face today, but if they can't get me in soon, they may become my permanent expression (how hot would that be!)

weight loss to date: 4 pounds in 5 days

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